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Orientation to Polo

During this fun introductory course, we will lead you in a group lesson with other new players through a graduated program covering the rules, tactics, polo swing and riding skills on a polo pony geared to your level of riding experience – from the occasional rider to the experienced rider of all ages.

You will be introduced to proper mallet strokes on our wooden horse. You will practice your mallet work under the careful watch of our qualified instructors.

You will be mounted on quiet, safe horses matched to your abilities. First you will focus on polo riding, then on hitting the ball. After successfully moving, stopping and turning your pony, you will “stick and ball” at your own pace in our arena. End with a tournament!

Join us, have fun.

Cash or check: $450     Credit card: $475

Sessions begin June 2, July 7,  August 4 and September 1.

Four sessions over a four-week period each month. The fifth session is a tournament that will be scheduled after the fourth session.

Sessions held each Saturday afternoon.

Class size limited to six. Sign up is on a first come, first serve basis.


  • riding helmet and gloves (golf, baseball, or polo gloves)
  • tall riding boots or paddock boots/half chap combination
  • mallet will be provided

Lory Eighme – Polo School Manager
Tel: 610.268.8692
Email: poloschool@brandywinepolo.com

Private lessons are available. 

Weekly Coaching League

To sign up for Coaching League, please click on any of the following:

Wednesday 5:00 pm Preliminary ichukkers
Thursday 5:30 pm Intermediate ichukkers
Saturday 10:30 am Coaching League
Sunday 10:30 am Combined ichukkers

contact us about Coaching League